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Winter is a time for a change in our daily routine, closed spaces, warmth and, sometimes, a bit of extra calories. But this does not let up on the day with our most precious instruments which is our body and face.

Below we offer some practical advice for you to consider this winter season for your skin care issues:

Go to a specialist:

Hydrate - Hydrate - Always Hydrate!

Hydrate – Hydrate – Always Hydrate !

One of the most common beliefs that they are just going where the dermatologist when and imperfections and any problems arise. It’s always good to change the seasons attend a specialist for a comprehensive assessment of our condition. Many times a treatment is necessary, but preventive recommendations, like using sunscreen in the winter and not just for summer, Many people have the idea that sunscreen should be applied in summer or when they go to the beach. However, this is one of the vital products for the care and maintenance of our skin that has to be used every day without fail.
Apply in the morning is the ideal and always with a minimum of SPF 30 (Depending on the type of skin, may be even higher). 70% vs 30%: the ratio is about water vs. the rest of our body.

In this winter season our body tends to dehydrate and it is very important to constantly take liquids (recommend water) to maintain hydration throughout the long dry winter for our skin, you can also use natural mineral water spray to hydrate the outer layers of your skin, like using Royal Canadian mineral water spray or French thermal waters like Avene and La Roche

Another must do, have a bottle of water at the foot of the bed and take up barely one is one of the best energizers for the day. Daily scrubs, the skin becomes dry from the cold, and this makes many layers of skin they go drying and thus becoming dead tissue.

It is important to exfoliate the skin to make way for the new and apply moisturizers to the preserve. There are exfoliates for lips in different forms and brands, the tissue in this area suffers more from the cold and it is important to always keep it in the best way.

The basics are the cleaning of the face at least twice a day with a lotion that will not dry out, followed by a moisturizer for the entire face.
Do not forget one eye cream before going to bed and when you wake up.
Another essential is the sunscreen , as mentioned earlier, against premature appearance of expression marks, discolorations and stains. If your skin is oily, apply a mask for your skin type twice a week to rid it of open pores, pimples and blackheads. In winter, dry skin will require you to use a hydrating good product, as you need to use hydrated moisturizing masks and exfoliate twice a week.